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How Latinos are Changing Their Lives

Dr. Rojas-Flores responds to the El Paso shooting and the impact this violence has on the immigrant community.


Targeting Social Factors that Undermine Health

Psychologists address how poverty, lack of housing, and other environmental factors influence health outcomes.


Deportation Means Trauma

Dr. Rojas-Flores shares her research and experience working with families who develop trauma caused by deportation.


Responding to a Mental Health Crisis 

Clinicians, researchers, and advocates support families who are suffering in the wake of the family separation policy.


Traumatizing a Generation of Children

The Guardian reports on Dr. Rojas-Flores and educators' thoughts on the impact of immigration enforcement on children.


Facing Parental Deportation as a Child

Dallas News shares Dr. Rojas-Flores' research on the PTSD symptoms children obtain when suffering family separation.


Immigration Beyond Politics

Fuller Seminary reports on Dr. Rojas-Flores' research findings on the trauma deportation can inflict on citizen children

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